As if I were a fierce pirate in the quest for some amazing treasure, I found myself excited while facing the trunk where I keep the most important objects of my life and that has been put there along the years, in one of the closets of my house. I know it is there, because I decided by then that it should be a part of my private homage to the great world of automobile, representing a referent, a turning point.

There it is, finally, safely kept as a jewel, parked beside other great cars of its time and exactly as I remembered it, even better maybe, after so many years without enjoying its image, looking at it, at each and every detail… as in a dèja vu: the Ford GT 90.

Back to the future: This is what I think about when I look at this car. I cannot stop thinking about the revolutionary ideas that the creators of such a piece of art had in their minds when they built it back in 1995. Some said they were mad, some said they were visionaries, but, in any case, there is no other choice but to recognise the huge effort and all the feelings that these people had put on this car, keeping its memory alive till today, touching us and making us to think about the influence of many of its parts and solutions, that have been brought to our present and that will be projected into the future, but without forgetting about their historical roots.

When this car was born, many of its rivals with surnames such as EB110 or F1, belonging to the best brands (Bugatti and McLaren), were worried about losing their reign, threatened with the presence and power of the “new one”, which carried in its genes the know-how of Ford in the racing world, besides some elements borrowed from other of the great cars at that time, the Jaguar XJ220. The “new” car turned a lot of heads towards it, some of the most expert heads in the automotive world by that time. There were enough reasons for that: its technical data, without being tuned at its top level, was, is and will be, simply stunning: the block was built with four turbo compressors of the Garrett brand in a V12 with 48 valves, that reach 720 hp and that allows the GT90 to go from 0 to 60 mph in slightly more than 3 seconds and to reach a top speed of 230 mph… These numbers come from a non-tuned engine, they come from a diamond in the rough. If they had released the full potential of the creature’s soul, the top horsepower would reach 900 hp and the top speed would have reached the 250 mph. Do you recognise these numbers?

But, the engine and these figures were not the only surprising things about this car. It anticipated several elements that are common nowadays, such as the led illumination system that has allowed many improvements, both aesthetically and regarding effectiveness also, affecting directly to the security. But… Do you know what was one of the cars that anticipated this technology? Has somebody noticed the headlights of the GT90? The front of the car where the led headlights are located is just amazing, anticipating, again, the master lines of the models from the American brand.

Its rear part is completely surprising. Nobody till the designers of the GT90 had thought at that time about mounting the exhaust pipes in a mid and high position, just in the centre of the back of the car and arranged triangularly. Again, this was an innovative solution. Does this detail remind you of an actual car with a very similar exhaust pipes approach? For sure… And it has achieved recognition as one of the best supercars ever.

But this is not over yet: There is a retractile spoiler mounted on the rear part of the car that awakes when the beast releases all of its power, preventing the GT90 to take off and helping to counteract the nature forces that attack it. Again, my mind comes to the present, thinking about, at least, two modern cars with this kind of idea, but obviously, much more technologically advanced. I am quite sure you know what cars I am thinking about.

People who imagined, developed and shaped one of their dreams, were geniuses, at least for me, as if they were taken part in the movie I have mentioned before, and they were trapped in the past but sculpting the future, taken from the modern “ateliers” to draw the master lines of the present, adapting solutions and making a difference among their rivals.

The GT90 is one of the greatest supercars of all times, in its own right. The most renowned brands and builders recognize its value and show respect when this car materializes in front of their eyes in the really few occasions that such a thing happens. Currently, the only existing car was sold at auction and it has vanished, brought to the private collection of somebody who appreciated this piece of art.

The sons of the 21st Century are in debt with this kind of legendary creations, where the spirit flows till today through the essence of the shapes.

The moment to put my treasure back to the place it previously was, have arrived. My precious treasure, kept in the trunk of the deepest automotive feelings, the closet of my heart, where my passion about supercars begins.

Ford GT 90: back to the future.

Autor: Enrique Díaz